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All your questions answered in a nutshell!
Ask Away!

Q1     How many categories can my child participate in?
Ans.   Each participant can participate in a maximum of two categories with one video per category only.

Q2    What is the criterion based on which the winner is decided?
Ans. The entries are judged based on the judgement parameters which are unique to each category.                 Click here to get detailed information regarding each category. Please keep these parameters in                 mind before sending in your submissions.

Q3   Why is my video unavailable on YouTube?
Ans. We are sorry for the inconvenience. In case you are unable to view the video on YouTube, kindly                 contact the BornBright helpline number or drop us an email at

Q4    Is there a registration fee for the contest?
Ans. No. The registration is absolutely free for all participants.

Q5    How are the participants categorized to ensure a fair level of competition?
Ans. To ensure a fair level of competition we have categorized participants into the following different               divisions:
         · Sub juniors – III to V
         · Juniors -- VI to IX
         · Seniors -- X to XII
        Each participant will be judged against other participants in that particular division.

Q6   What is the last date of submission for the video?
Ans. The last date for submission of the video is 13th Dec 2020

Q7   When will the results of the competition be announced?
Ans. The results for the competition will be announced on 26th Jan 2021

Q8   Can a participant showcase more than one skill in the same video?
Ans. Yes, a participant can showcase multiple skills in the same video unless the other skills do not fall               under any other category. In case they do fall under another category then the participant needs to           make a separate video for it.

Q9   Can a previous video performance of a participant be submitted?
Ans. No. The video performance should be strictly and exclusively performed only for the contest. While
         making the video, kindly make sure to include an A4 size sheet, either at the beginning or at the                 end of the video, containing the title “ BornBright DigiChamp” along with participant name, age,                 class, and address.

Q10  Is there any language specification for the content?
Ans.  No. There is no language specification for the content submitted. You can choose your preferred               language.

Q11  What are the participants awarded with if they participate?
Ans. Every participant is awarded a participation certificate after the announcement of results. Winners             from each category are awarded prizes and gift vouchers from a reward pool of over two and a half           lakhs.

Q12  How many winners will be declared in each category?
Under each division, in each category, two winners will be decided. However, if in a particular                      category the number of participants is less than 10, in such a scenario only one winner will be                    decided in that specific category.

Q13  Which device can we use to shoot the video? Also, can we use any editing software on the               video?
Ans. You can use any device of your choice while shooting the video. However, keep in mind that audio-             video quality is a judgment parameter therefore choose your device accordingly. You may edit your           video to enhancepresentation however it is completely optional. Some video editing applications               you can use are kinemaster,vivavideo etc.

Q14   Where do we upload our video?
Ans.   Please use the links provided on the home page/ category pages to upload your video.

Q15  What are the winners of each category awarded?
Ans.  Winners from each category are awarded prizes and gift vouchers from a reward pool of over two              and a half lakhs.

Q16  I have taken part in the previous edition of DigiChamp. Can I participate again?
Ans.  Yes. There is no issue If you have taken part in the previous month, you can participate again.

Q17  Who will be judging the various categories in the contest?
Ans.  We have a distinguished panel of judges who will be judging the various categories of the contest.

Q18  What are the requirements for the video?
Ans.  For the video requirements please refer to the GUIDELINES MAKING A VIDEO. Please click here to             refer to the rules of participation.

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