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A Few rules you should follow, to make the videos look better.

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Making Videos

1. The video must not exceed more than 5 minutes at maximum.
2. It is best preferred if the videos are made in landscape mode instead of portrait.
3. The entire video performance MUST be made for the sole purpose of the competition only.
4. The entries are judged based on the judgement parameters which are unique to each category. Click here to
get detailed information regarding each category.
5. No dangerous or self-harming videos will be entertained or accepted. BornBright will not be held responsible
for any accidents or mishaps that occur during the process.
6. Please make sure that the video is shot in proper lighting and a minimum disturbance ( minimum noise)
environment so as to ensure good video/audio quality which is one of the judgment parameters.
7. All acts performed and submitted through the video must be entirely performed by the child itself. The video
submission for the competition must include the live recording of the same.
8. In order to ensure the best results please make sure that the video submission is precise, creative, clear, and
most importantly entertaining.
9. You may edit your video to enhance presentation however it is completely optional. Some video editing
applications you can use are kinemaster, viva video etc.

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Rules of Participation

1. The competition is for all students between 3-18 years of age.
2. A participant is allowed to participate in a maximum of two categories, with an allowance of one video for
each category.
3. A participant will be disqualified in the following scenarios: · If the content of a video has been repeated in an
earlier video. If any living being, be it an animal or a plant has been harmed in the video.
4. The DigiChamp organizer will consider all the entries and announce 2 winners under each division of each
category. In case the number of participants in a division is less than 10 then, one winner will be announced
in that division of that category.
5. All decisions taken by the judges will be final. No communication in this regard will be entertained by
6. All the videos submitted towards the contest will be the property of BornBright and can be shared on its
Youtube channels amongst its subscribers.

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