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Sing or play from your heart !
Win from BB Digital champ a lot!
Give your Music jounrey a Kickstart !

Can you do magic with any musical instrument?
Do you have a mesmerizing voice and can soothe us?
Help us spread your magical voice and talent

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Here are the different things you can do with your Music Talent

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Music Instrument

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Sing and Play

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Carnatic Vocal

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Hindustani Vocal

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There are just some of the activities for you to choose from; You are open to choose anything else and amaze us with your talent in Music


A Few rules you should follow, to make the videos look better.


  1. Use seperate Microphone or audio recording device to record
    the sound from the musical instrument if any. Use editing apps to combine both the audios.

  2. Ensure that the video has appropriate light and clarity.

  3. Ensure you are dressed presentable according to the song you chose.

  4. Make sure your video is in the landscape mode

Category Specific

Must have:
1. Pick a music track that is famous or familiar to most people or the one that showcases your abilities to the best
2. Dress up! Dress according to the theme of the music you choose
Should have:
1. Choose an angle that best showcases your capability with the instrument
Good to have:
1. Try to make the video entertaining and fun by adding your creativity / personality
2.. You are free to play more than one instruments, showcases more styles separately and edit them to one video
3. Make the video entertaining by adding simple and appropriate background music if you are singing without a musical instrument& Give it your best & Dont forget to smile !!

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