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Each and every child has unique talent & deserves a chance to showcase
Here's a chance from Bornbright !

Does being in front of camera bring you immense joy?
Do you have a unique talent that makes you stand out from others?
Bring out the skill in you and get recognised.

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Here are a few Ideas that you can choose from to showcase your talent!

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Fancy Dress

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Magic Tricks

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Shortfilms/ ADS/Tiktok

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Stand Up Comedy

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Model Making

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There are just some of the activities for you to choose from; Even if your talent is not listed here, Go ahead, upload and amaze us.


A Few rules you should follow, to make the videos look better.


  1. Use proper audio source while dancing. It must be loud and clear.

  2. Ensure that the video has appropriate light and clarity.

  3. Make sure your video is in the landscape mode. If Portrait mode is better to capture your moves, then decide accordingly

Category Specific

Must have:
1. Pick the right track. A track that will make anyone getup and dance with you!
2. Dress up! Dress according to the theme of the music you choose
Should have:
1. Connect with audience by looking into the camera while dancing wherever possible
2. Put effort into making back ground arrangements and settings
Good to have:
1. You can showcases more styles of dances separately and edit them to one video
2. We welcome new / unconventional ideas (ex : Bharathnatiyam dance for Rap music, showcase a story through dance, etc)


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