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Tokyo brings you Olympics. Bornbright brings you digital championship!

Are you a sports enthusiast? Have you been the athlete among your friends and family?
Then, the sports category is the one for you!

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Here are the sports in which you can participate

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Rubix Cube

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Hula Hoop

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Skipping Rope

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Martial Arts

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Indian Sports

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Basketball dribble

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There are just some of the activities for you to choose from; You are free to choose your sport and showcase them on the video.


Here are the sports in which you can participate


  1. Ensure that the video has appropriate light and clarity.

  2. Use proper editing wherever necessary

  3. While performing any of the sports, make sure you are visible throughout the act. For more instructions and questions about the competition, Please visit the guideline page

  4. Make sure your video is in the landscape mode

Category Specific

  1. Showcase your physical strength. flexibility, techniques, tactics you have mastered for the sport

  2. Try to showcase as many number of techniques, tactics and tricks that proves your excellence and combine into one video

  3. Showcase your uniqueness either through speed or finesse

  4. You can use timers while making the videos wherever applicable

  5. You will be rated based on execution & difficulty level

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