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Calling out all the young science enthusiasts. Blow us away with your geeky knowledge and win Prizes !

Are you a science or math geek?
Do you find yourself lost in trying new things and doing experiments?
Let us be a part of your expeditions

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Here are a few experimental activity topics that you can choose from!

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There are just some of the activities for you to choose from; You are open to choose anything else and amaze us with your interesting science experiments.


A Few rules you should follow, to make the videos look better.


  1. Make the whole experiment is clearly visible in the videos you record

  2. You can use 2 cameras. One that shows you and your exlaining & one that shows your experiment on the table

  3. Ensure you are speaking clear and loud while doing the experiments

  4. Note that we encourage you not to do any experiments that can be dangerous and can hurt you.

  5. Ensure that the video has appropriate light and clarity.

Category Specific

Must have:

  1. Ensure you are choosing the concept of the video carefully and try to make it knowledgeable

Should have:

  1. While demonstrating the experiment, Ensure you are clear on the concept and use appropriate grammar.

  2. Its best if your video or experiment is your original idea and not entirely copied from internet.

Good to have:

  1. Try to add your creativity to the concept and demonstrate your experiment in a unique way.

  2. Try to have a fresh point of view on the experiments you are demonstrating.

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