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Sing or play from your heart !
Win from BB Digital champ a lot!
Give your Music jounrey a Kickstart !

Can you do magic with any musical instrument?
Do you have a mesmerizing voice and can soothe us?
Help us spread your magical voice and talent

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Here are the different things you can do with your Speaking Talent


Impact of Covid on children (Online learning , Physical health, Social)


Talk about your ambition, your dream, your passion and how you plan on achieving it.


If you are the prime minister, what are the top 5 initiatives that you would like to bring?


Impact of mankind on environment & What can we do to improve ?


Robots Vs. Humans - A futurescape

There are just some of the activities for you to choose from; Even if your talent is not listed here, Go ahead, upload and amaze us.


A Few rules you should follow, to make the videos look better.


  1. Ensure that the video has appropriate light and clarity.

  2. Ensure you are dressed presentable as if you are speaking in a conference.

  3. You are open to do research on topic for public speaking and use facts and stats from internet.

Category Specific

Must have:
1. Structure your delivery with a start, middle and finish. Add sense of humor where possible
2. Present your point of view on the topic you choose to speak, instead of just stating the facts
3. Make sure your voice is loud enough and crystal clear
Should have:
1. Connect with audience by showing your emotions and expressive body language & composure
2. While talking about the theme, Ensure your views are expressed clearly and use appropriate grammar
Good to have:
1. Try to make the topic interesting with any visual or physical aids and make it knowledgeable


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